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I have a GMail account! Anyway, if you wish, you can email me through that account now as well.

I do plan on putting stuff here that deals with porting applications from Windows to UNIX-style operating systems (Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD, etc.) and vice versa (to be honest, though, I'm actually at a point where I just don't care enough to do this, so this is not likely to happen.) Email me! Notice, though, that you will need to change the email address appropriately to actually email me. This is done to prevent spammers from spamming me!

This page isn't actually under construction. I leave the first sentence there for posterity's sake.

I don't feel like publishing my current schedule at the moment, so... Maybe some other time.

For the moment, you can check out the links below:

The following links I have yet to describe (for the most part, these are all links to websites created by my friends):

KDE Stuff:

Version 0.1 of the KDE window style dotNET-R


So, what is RulerDotNET? Will it solve world hunger? No, of course not, but it might someday since it's under the BSD License. "But what is it?" you ask. It's a ruler written in C# (so you need CLR, i.e. .NET Framework, support.) I haven't tried it under Linux and Mono, but I will. I want it to work, anyway.

wxImagick for wxWindows 2.4.2 and ImageMagick 5.5.6

I have updated the source code for wxImagick to work with more recent versions of wxWindows and ImageMagick (though, not the latest.) You can find the original here.

md5sum: 063202a1f2902e1ab15eba3abd8ef563

Important stuff:

Gah! Tuxtime is no more!

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